What is the Walk DVRC Initiative

Walk DVRC Ltd. is an NGO that is a partner to the government, local retailers and the community in pedestrianisation and placemaking initiatives. Walk DVRC engages the public to promote walkability and liveability with the goal of creating a healthier and more inclusive city. The organisation advocates for a fairer sharing of public space between pedestrians and cars with an initial focus on Hong Kong’s Central Business District. Walk DVRC consults, educates and undertakes research on the creation and management of vibrant streets in the areas of Traffic Management, Street Management, Health Benefits, Economic Benefits, Social Benefits and Governance.

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 Future DVRC
Future DVRC

Public support for walkability and pedestrianisation initiatives is high. Evidence comes from a number of sources including the media, global interest in designing a New Central in Hong Kong and numerous stakeholder engagement exercises.

In addition, two pieces of market research support the creation of a more walkable and liveable Central that is connected to surrounding cultural and historical sites as well as to the harbour.

Creating a Dynamic Public Realm to Support Walk DVRC’s SWF Initiative, Nielson Market Research

The Nielsen Company, a leading international market research firm, was commissioned to conduct a study on the 76 ground-floor businesses that will be affected by the Sheung Wan Fiesta. The research has quantitative and qualitative components with two objectives: to educate/persuade and to solicit opinions/feedback for the purpose of capturing data that can be used to demonstrate positive support of the project to stakeholders. Over 60% of respondents are in favor of and want to participate in the Fiesta.

• It represents a unique initiative in Hong Kong
• It will help to promote local culture and the importance of preserving and cherishing the past
• It will give Hong Kong a powerful example of the power of pedestrianisation-based issues
• It will increase business and sales

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 Challenging Hong Kong’s Retail Competitiveness: Exploring Hong Kong’s Digital Retail Trends and Drive to Pedestrianisation, Colliers International Hong Kong

An independent piece of market research carried out by Colliers International, “Challenging Hong Kong’s Retail Competitiveness: Exploring Hong Kong’s Digital Retail Trends and Drive to Pedestrianisation,” cites that:

• Pedestrian precincts play a significant role in future retail development
• Offering a vibrant pedestrianized space can greatly increase footfall
• Specific opportunities are available for DVRC to serve as a connector and integrator
• The Sheung Wan Fiesta is “a great way of warming residents and businesses to the new concept”

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Our Signature Projects

  The Sheung Wan Fiesta

The Sheung Wan Fiesta is a replicable “proof of concept” for the creation of a vibrant public space for the entire community.

The Sheung Wan Fiesta project is a 90-day closure to vehicular traffic of a two-block stretch of DVRC, from Western Market to Hillier Street. Trams continue to run and cross streets remain open. The Fiesta will be held from 10 am to 10 pm, to enable deliveries outside these hours.

The site will be curated and provide seating and shading, entertainment and local, artisanal food. It will also include cultural and heritage walk tours to surrounding areas. A tested traffic arrangement that identifies viable traffic diversions, loading/unloading solutions and bus stop relocation will be put in place. Extensive street management policies will be implemented. Considerable time, money, manpower and stakeholder engagement has already taken place to ensure that this project succeeds.

  International Design Competition

Walk DVRC Ltd. launched an International Design in April 2018 to invite top-tier teams of urban planners, architects, traffic consultants and designers to submit proposals for re-imagining a decaying Des Voeux Road Central.

Submissions featured strong placemaking and pedestrian schemes as well as highlighting neighbourhood connectivity and cultural sites. In addition, projects incorporated HK’s iconic trams

Projects from the five finalist teams portray a vision for a fantastic car-free zone with numerous facilities on DVRC in the heart of Hong Kong's Central Business District. To see the five finalists’ visions of a future DVRC, please click here: https://www.walkdvrc.hk/design-competition/