Mongolia Marriage Traditions

The Marriage Practices of Mongolia

There are a lot of interesting and unique wedding party traditions in the Mongolian culture. They are really really particular from other cultural groups in China. Read more about them and travel to China and tiawan to experience these types of international dating for chinese interesting customs yourself on WindhorsTour’s China Egypt Road Adventure Tour.

The Diamond Ceremony:

A traditional involvement ceremony is definitely held in a Mongolian kommer att ge (yurt). The groom’s dad presents the bride’s parents with a hadag, which is a egypt scarf that symbolizes serenity and wellbeing. This is put over a magic cup that symbolizes exclusive chance, respect and purity. The bride and bridegroom then exchange rings, which can be manufactured from gold or silver.

The Groom’s Ring:

The groom’s ring has two crowns that cross together. The groom’s ring represents the hearth that protects his wife and the children.

Within a Mongolian marriage, the couple is often with a large number of persons. They can be using their families, close friends and natives.

A Mongolian wedding takes a day or more in towns and longer in the countryside. In places, a wedding may be arranged at a special wedding party palace for the small fee.

Also you can have a civil matrimony at the Center to get Civil Subscription and Info in Ulaanbaatar city or perhaps at the Governor’s business office of the province you live in. A statement written inside your native vocabulary about your wish to marry a Mongolian and a notarized duplicate of the court docket decision if you are divorced must be posted with your matrimony certificate.

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