Where Are We

The Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) proposed a pedestrian precinct in Central to the government in conjunction with Civic Exchange, City University of Hong Kong and transport consultants MVA (HK) Ltd. Hong Kong civic groups including Clean Air Network, Designing Hong Kong, Hong Kong Public Space Initiative, supported by Knight Frank, The Conservancy Association and Friends of the Earth (HK), formed the Des Voeux Road Central Initiative in 2015.

2016 – 2018

    Walk DVRC Ltd. Established

    • Sept 2016 - A one-day closure to vehicular traffic a 200m stretch of the road was successfully completed
    • Jan 2017 - Walk DVRC Ltd was set up as a formal NGO on 26th January 2017 to spearhead the Walk DVRC initiative
    • Dec 2017 – Planning of The Sheung Wan Fiesta began. It is a trial schemes that will close a two-block stretch of DVRC, from Western Market to Hillier Street, to vehicular traffic for 90 days. At the same month, Walk DVRC participated in UABB to promote and educate walkability and encouraging flexible public space usage on DVRC
    • Apr 2018 – Walk DVRC International Design Competition launched
    • Aug 2018 – Section 88 status granted
    • Sept 2018 – Walkability Study conducted by HKSAR names Central as one of the study areas
    • Nov 2018 – Released the result of The Sheung Wan Fiesta Market Research done by Nielson Hong Kong
2019 – 2020

    Numerous projects launched to raise awareness

    • Jan 2019 – Colliers International Hong Kong Research Report named Sheung Wan Fiesta and talk about the pedestrianisation Des Voeux Road Central (DVRC)
    • Mar 2019 – International Design Competition Digital Exhibition launched and Roving exhibition were moving around the city
    • Jun 2019 – Transportation Impact Assessment for the Sheung Wan Fiesta completed
    • Nov 2019 – Public health research completed and studied the perceptions of the respondents on air pollution along DVRC and its connection to health, especially respiratory related diseases
    • Jan 2020 – Forum for a New Central, co-hosted with Colliers International HK gathered a number of disciplines and industries to learn more about the benefits of creating a Business Improvement District in Hong Kong’s Central district
    • Feb 2020 – Walk DVRC Press Briefing of the research on walkability and public health
    • Feb 2020 – Walk DVRC commissioned Social Policy Research (SPR) to undertake a survey to gauge perceptions of air pollution and its connection to health, especially respiratory related diseases, as well as to understand participants’ experiences with traffic along DVRC
    • May 2020 – Social experiment on social distancing
    • May 2020 – Walk DVRC was featured in Zolima CityMag, interviewees included Board Chair Markus Shaw, EO Jennifer Walker Frisinger and steering committee member YY Pong
    • Jun 2020 – Walk DVRC Ltd. undertakes a large-scale public engagement exercise to test it’s Sheung Wan Fiesta concept
2021 – Today
    •  Jan 2021 – Walk DVRC will have a new leader to work with all of you to turn Hong Kong into a walkable city. We will unveil more details for 2021 in the next few posts