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29 January 2018

SCMP - Talking the walk on turning traffic-choked Hong Kong street into pedestrian oasis

Markus Shaw, Chair of Walk DVRC, shared his goal to transform Hong Kong’s Des Voeux Road Central into a pedestrian oasis during his interview with SCMP. As Des Voeux Road Central is currently one of the most polluted and congested streets in Hong Kong, Shaw believes we should revert back to cycle-friendly, pedestrian-friendly transport as demonstrated by many sustainable European cities. Experts shared a similar view that Hong Kong should reduce car dependency and encourage green transport. Local groups have also promoted walkability through walking tours and historical appreciation, while Walk DVRC’s recent launch of the “Discover DVRC” map with Urban Discovery showcased some of the local businesses to explore in Central and Sheung Wan. Shaw suggested that the government should plan our city  in a way that the people want the city to be planned, and projects like Walk DVRC can build the self-confidence Hong Kong needs to show the community that it is still a competitive, world-class city.

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