Pedestrianisation and Placemaking Projects

Cities such as London, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Paris hold planned Car-Free Sundays to encourage people to creatively use the road as a public space for family-friendly activities. Los Angeles and Singapore even have “Great Street” and “The Streets for People” programmes which provide government support for community-initiative projects that create vibrant car-free zones and transform streets into meaningful public spaces!

In 2016, the Very DVRC Event allowed citizens to experience the city as a whole new city. It also stimulated the public’s imagination and showed how a car-free Central could work in real life. The event also demonstrated the potential to introduce “woonerf” (Dutch for living street) in Hong Kong to open up more public space and encourage people-first road designs.

Walk DVRC Ltd will continue to hold events to increase the public’s awareness of the possibilities of moving away from the car-oriented development approach and show how we can collectively transform our streets into meaningful public spaces for everyone. This will help Hong Kong join world-class cities that have already embraced the “car lite” model and people-oriented planning at the heart of their development philosophies.