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11 December 2018

Highlight Photos of Walk DVRC at DesignInspire and BoDW

Highlight Photos of Walk DVRC at DesignInspire and BoDW
The winning team of Walk DVRC’s International Design Competition, to reimagine a decaying DVRC as a pedestrian and placemaking opportunity, had its proposal showcased at DesignInspire last week. Thanks to all who attended to learn more about the vision.  For their competition-winning entry, the MLA+ consortium takes a radical step and tells the story of a future DVRC through the eyes of a little Hong Kong girl called Flora. DVRC, one of the most important streets in Hong Kong, is reimagined as a linear public space, organised around a central Sheung Wan square and featuring five iconic tram stops, each with an elevated roof park containing specific activities. Here are the highlights:
「行德」於DesignInspire 設計營商週 (BoDW) 精華照片
「行德」國際設計比賽 得獎團隊把他們活化德輔道中的設計方案製成模型,於上星期在 DesignInspire 中展出。MLA +團隊以一名香港小朋友小花的視角,介紹改造後的德輔道中。他們的設計方案中將德輔道中這條香港的主要道路,打造成一系列的公共空間,設計包括上環廣場和五個標誌性電車站。以下是當日的精華照片,感謝大家到場參與支持。

The winning team preparing to exhibit.
A paper proposal transformed into a model.
Walk DVRC joined the kick-off ceremony and Martin Probst, Associate Director, MLA+ introduced the exhibits to the VIPs.
「行德」代表參與了「城創新活」開幕儀式,而MLA+副董事Martin Probst亦在場向嘉賓介紹作品。
Visitors were very interested in the model.
Martin was one of the panels at the DesignInspire seminar and discussed smart cities. He also gave a talk at BoDW about liveability. Nigel Smith, Managing Director of Colliers International, one of the competition’s major sponsors, joined Martin on the panel.
Martin亦分別在 設計營商周 及 DesignInspire 進行演講,分享打造宜居城市及建設一個更美好的香港的看法。Nigel Smith, 高力國際 常務董事也參與了DesignInspire的分享會。
The competition was sponsored by Grosvenor Asia Pacific, Colliers International and the WYNG Foundation.  Many thanks to everyone who entered, and to the judges, who made the competition possible.
是次 行德國際設計比賽 承蒙高富諾亞太區(Grosvenor Asia Pacific),高力國際(Colliers International)和 WYNG基金會 慷慨贊助,並感謝所有參加者的支持,讓比賽能成功舉辦。