The premier business district is facing major challenges with traffic congestion, air and noise pollution, inadequate pedestrian facilities and amenities, and dilapidated urban environments. This has significant impact on the viability and vitality of the CBD, the core of the Central Business District 1 (CBD 1) highlighted in the HK2030+ consultation document released in 2016. The government should accelerate its efforts in improving the walkability in Central to reinforce Hong Kong’s status as a global financial and business hub and to foster Hong Kong’s status as “Asia’s World City”. This is especially important as Central has not received any major investment in the past 20 years to upgrade the physical environment and the public facilities.

The Walk DVRC initiative proposes the creation of a place-making model for an enhanced Central District with rigorous street management put in place to guarantee a pleasant, safe and friendly walking environment for all. Walk DVRC Ltd feel that the government should utilise Area Improvement Plans to set out the design criteria to enhance the environmental conditions of the area and to guide the long-term plans that would promote a walkable Central. A walkable DVRC would also provide an east-west link complementing the extensive elevated pedestrian networks, and help sustain the growth of the CBD 1 as the premier financial centre in Hong Kong.