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15 May 2019

Walk DVRC International Design Competition Roving Exhibition


The Walk DVRC International Design Competition Exhibition moves to the H6 CONET at Des Voeux Road Central from 15 May to 29 May 2019.

行德國際設計比賽巡迴展覽移師中環德輔道中 H6 CONET 舉行,展期由明天 (15日) 開始至5月29日結束。
Virtually – Present Des Voeux Road Central
It’s only a few steps from the H6 CONET to Des Voeux Road Central – an extremely busy Central Business District. Insufficient pedestrian space and public facilities make the walking experience unpleasant. The exhibition shows the possibility of changing Des Voeux Road Central into a better place.

位於繁華商業區的H6 CONET 座落於德輔道中,前往參觀展覽前,正好可以體驗現時德輔道中的情況。行人空間及公共設施不足都嚴重影響了步行體驗,因此是次展覽展示了如何把德輔道中改造成出色的公共空間。
Visually – A Future Pedestrianization of Des Voeux Road Central
At the exhibition, you can look at the models of the 5 iconic tram stops re-imagined by the winning team. The team has re-envisioned and re-engaged the street as quality public space. The design aims to reclaim the generosity of the original streetscape, and establish it as a pedestrian domain in one of Hong Kong’s main thoroughfares.
展覽中由得獎隊伍設計的五個各具特色的電車站模型,旨在把車站從普通的交通設備轉化成地標。 團隊重新設計德輔道中並改善街道佈局,塑造其為出色的公共空間。同時, 恢復原來寬廣的德輔道中,重新在 香港其中的主要道路建造行人友好空間。

The opening hours of the exhibition are from 8am – 10pm. Public are welcome to visit, and admission is free. For more information about the competition please visit walkdvrc.hk/design-competition/