Our apologies. Judging for the International Design Competition is taking longer than expected. We hope to announce the five finalists here on 25 June.
Ideas exchange with overseas' initiative
Dérive Lab Visit 
Walk DVRC Ltd was delighted to be able to show Dérive LAB, a multi-disciplinary laboratory from South America, around Des Voeux Road Central this week. We exchanged ideas on a share-space scheme to improve walkability and place-making development in Mexico and Hong Kong. It was valuable experience of sharing the challenges and opportunities of promoting car-free cities in different contexts. 
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Participated in Collaborate Hong Kong - Sandbox Charrette
Collaborate Hong Kong - Sandbox Charrette
Collaborate Hong Kong launched their latest SandBox Charrette on 23rd-24th March, 2018. It was encouraging to see a collaboration between professionals, community concern groups and other initiatives brainstorming creative ideas of how to turn idle land into active space by using a bottom up approach within 24 hours. The sandbox event was not only a design charrette, but also an effective way to test innovative ideas without impacting existing regulatory frameworks-We believe urban planning should be people-oriented, sustainable and inclusive.